Financial Structuring Services

As an extension to our services, we have added to our service portfolio,  “Financial Structuring Services”.  When we say Financial Structuring Services, it implies that we will be selling you Loans.

Well obviously the end product will be a Loan, but what if we tell you that we can re-structure your existing Loan in such a manner that will either reduce your Loan Tenure or Reduce your existing Interest Rate? This is the confidence which our team will have when we meet you across to conduct your Financial Structuring Audit.

As a Financial Consultant, we are deeply concerned with your Financial Requirements.

We have tied up with India’s Largest Loan Distributor Organizationwith more than 3 decades of experience and having Direct Associations with 36 Banks & Non-Banking Finance institutions that will do its best to ensure that you are fully supported in meeting your financial requirements.

Disbursal of around 1250 crores every month executed in the past, shall give you a glimpse of the Credentials of the company.

Given that Financial Structuring is a need for all, we additionally provide a Financial Structuring Audit Services at no extra cost which are based on the Financial Documents of your Company.

Assistance is provided in availing Home Loans, Business Loans, Commercial Property Purchase Loans, Loan Against Property, Working Capital Requirements, OD or CC, Export Financing etc.

And even there, a basic knowledge of ict skills is necessary.